what does freedom mean to me, nothing; because I have nothing, I was born into nothing, and, I shall leave with nothing.

Will I ever meet my goal, I don't know, but, I'm fighting for it like if it's my last thing I do on earth.

I won't come back to this place this is the last hooray!

no coming back to this place where everything is so out of order and upside down, silly, and doesn’t make any sense, and where I have to bellow out to the heavens just for my love.

the love I have inside of me, nobody else like me, nobody else like you.

maybe that's what I hate, maybe that's what I need.

so going to leave, and I don't care what you say!

But first going to hit the mountain the one I set for myself

I will see you there, and I will be there to clean up the pieces and die. because that is me and nobody else.

Do you know me? not just what you are; not just what you see, just what I’m.

just what ill be, with you, and then I will go, here in this place where I never was, where ill never be.



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